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We've been creating and directing separately since childhood. Filmmaking has always been a huge part of our lives. We grew up only miles apart but never actually met. We crossed paths by chance one Michigan Summer and when we graduated college and moved back home to southeast Michigan, we decided to turn our passions into a career.

The summer of 2013 it became real. We rented a camera from Central Michigan University and while working in Yellowstone National Park, we climbed mountains and filmed every hike and moment. This was when we knew we had to go all in.


After college, we worked. We had multiple jobs and invested all of our money into filmmaking equipment. In 2015 we registered Sight & Sound as a business. Fast forward to today  we are in our 8th season and have filmed  hundreds of weddings all across the country and our great state of Michigan! 


Filming weddings and telling stories is our passion. Showing the emotions and those little details and then bringing all together is what we're all about. We enjoy creating your film just as much as you enjoy watching it!



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