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Matching the Canon C200's Clog 3 with 1DX Standard Picture Profile.


March, 2018

The video above was shot with our Canon C200, 1DX mark ii and DJI Phantom 4. We thought this would be a good opportunity to see how well we could color match all three of our cameras without using any LUTs. We shot on the standard picture profile on the 1DX mark ii, Clog 3 on the C200 and the Natural picture profile on the DJI Phantom 4. We have grown very fond of Canon's Clog 3 on the C200, however it can be very cumbersome to grade and match the 1DX mark ii standard picture profile. One of our biggest gripes with the 1DX is that it doesn't offer Clog. The 1DX being the only sub $6000 Canon camera that offers 4K 60fps, it is very frustrating that they do not give us the option to upgrade our camera with Clog like they allow you to do with the Canon 5D Mark IV. So why don't we get a 5D mark IV? Well... because it only offer 4K up to 30 frames per second and it doesn't offer 1080p 120 frames per second, it only offers 720p 120 frames per second. 120fps footage looks soft as is and upscaling 720p would not be ideal for us.

Canon C200: Before & After

Clog 3

Light Color Grade (No LUT)

Canon 1DX Mark ii: Before & After

Standard Picture Profile

Light Color Grade (No LUT)

DJI Phanton 4: Before & After

Natural Picture Profile

Light Color Grade (No LUT)


Color matching Canon cameras has never been an issue for us. We usually have a 1DX, 80D, 70D and 5D mark iii rolling for shoots that require multiple angles. Now that we have a C200 we have been testing out the log profiles. We shot an entire wedding in Clog 3 with the C200 and it added hours to our color grading workflow. The results are stunning, but as an editor your time is valuable. For now, we will be using Clog selectively depending on the project we are working on. We would love to see Canon allow us to upgrade our 1DX mark ii with Canon log, but we highly doubt it. All we can do is hope!

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