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The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park | Empire, MI


September 15, 2017

This year, we had the opportunity to film a wedding in Lake Leelanau, MI. We took and extra day to check out the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. Never seeing sand dunes before in our lives, we were in awe at what we saw! We hiked up the sand dunes, which felt like it took FOREVER, but the sights were amazing! The wind was so powerful near the actual lakeshore. People were descending all the way down to the beach, but we were advised that it may take 5 minutes to get to the bottom, but coming back up could take hours. So we skipped that part. Make sure you pack your camera up well, the sand can be deadly to your lenses! We wish we had more time here, but we had just enough footage to put together a short. We would 100% go here again!

Watch our short highlight clip here:

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