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10 Top tips to get the MOST out of your WEDDING FILM!


Wedding Day can be stressful and sometimes it's difficult to get the most out of your vender services. Wedding films are an amazing way to relive your day and we want you to get the most out of your film. So, we've conjured up some tips for the Bride & Groom to remember on your Wedding Day to get the most out of your wedding video!

1. Give yourself plenty of Photo/Video Session Time

When planning your schedule, leave PLENTY of time for photo and video sessions. We can’t stress this enough! The day can feel rushed and sessions can get cut short and this will greatly impact the diversity of shots in your wedding film.

2. Create Audio Opportunities

Letter readings are always a great audio opportunity. You could do a letter reading with each other, or a gift exchange too. The Father/Bride reveal is a really beautiful and emotional moment. Consider having your father write a letter addressed to you the morning-of (or vice versa) and reading it in the video.

3. Do A First Look

We always recommend doing a first look! It’s a great moment to capture and it relieves a little stress being able to see your bride/groom before the actual ceremony. It gives you more time for an intimate picture/video session as well. 

4. Speak Slowly & Don't Rush Your Vows

When giving your vows during your ceremony, pause and repeat them slowly. Give yourself and your officiant time to speak thoroughly and complete each vow. 

5. Remember to pause and hold poses for the Videographer too!

 During the photo the sessions, the photographer will pose you and your bridal party. Make sure you give the videographer time to catch their shot as well. Hold that pose until both photographer and videographer have gotten the shot. Unless you make separate time for the videographers & photographers to have separate sessions, they must be shooting the sessions together and team work is crucial! Having flash interrupt the video can be distracting. Make sure you give time to your videographer aside of the photographer so that your video won’t be interrupted by flash.

6. Tell your Maid of Honor & Best Man to rehearse!

Tell your speakers to take a breath and speak calmly and fluently, if they can help it, try not to look down at their phone/note cards (if they do, make sure their face is not hidden by hair hanging in their face, etc.)

When your speakers are giving their toasts, we will have a spot light on them. Try to tell them to stay in the light, this will help separate them from background and not loose the detail in their faces. 

7. After you cut your cake, be sure to kiss!

That cake tastes so good! But don't forget to kiss! Make sure during the cake cutting that the photographer & the videographer are both ready before you slice that piece of heavenly goodness!

8. Stay in The Light!

The reception will be dark and sometimes the light from the DJ booth isn't quite enough. During your first dance, we will have a spot light angled on the dance floor. Try to stay within the spotlight.

9. Go Outside for Sunset!

Consider a sunset session. The light during golden hour (right before sunset) looks amazing! It's a great way to create a beautiful ending to a perfect film.  :)


Most importantly, enjoy yourself. This is your wedding day! Don’t feel rushed or stressed. The ceremony and reception won’t start without you. Relax, and remember this is YOUR big day.

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